Chemical and Energy Engineering (CEE)


    The 2-year Master’s Study Program “Chemical and Energy Engineering” is offered by the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg’s faculty of Process and Systems Engineering. A bachelor’s degree is required for this program. The course of study is completely presented in the English language.


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    Advantages of the M.Sc. in Chemical and Energy Engineering Program in Magdeburg

    13 professors, three junior professors and 165 employees work in research at the faculty of Process and Systems Engineering and instruct the approximately 1000 students in the diploma, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Due to the large and important chemical industry in the Magdeburg area, the Faculty of Process and Systems Engineering is one of the most famous faculties in Germany in its field. Many international companies such as Bayer and Dow Chemical have production facilities within a mere 80-kilometer radius of Magdeburg. 

    All professors are involved in the master’s studies. Thus we are able to offer a very broad, yet focused education in chemical engineering. We start the program with fundamental lectures featuring advanced content like fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer, chemistry, mechanical, thermal and chemical process engineering. This helps students from different countries and individual bachelor’s degrees reach the same scientific level with ease. Afterwards, we continue with lectures on the application of chemical engineering. At this point, the students can set up their own modules, selecting from lectures and tutorials within the offered courses depending on their own interests and desired focus. The fourth and final semester is reserved for the master’s thesis as the highlight of the students’ studies.

    Our faculty possesses up to date measuring techniques with a wide range of different lasers, infrared digital cameras, high-speed cameras, etc. Additionally, various computers equipped the latest versions of commercial computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software programs, such as FLUENT (ANSYS) incl. Gambit and Femlab, TASKflow, OpenFOAMare are available to the students. This course of study includes many laboratory hours, enabling students to familiarize themselves with the appropriate measuring techniques and computational programs.

    The faculty is famous for its research and also recently received a teaching award by an independent association. Additionally, the faculty includes approximately 200 young scientists currently working towards their Ph.D. They are involved in the education program, as well, especially in instructing course-relevant exercises and assistance during the master’s thesis. Most of the faculty’s research work is carried out in cooperation with industrial companies, which enables students to solve actual industrial problems during their master’s thesis. We continuously offer several excursions to companies producing goods such as PE, PVC, pharmaceuticals, bricks, metals, Volkswagen cars (all within a distance of 80 km), ships, airbuses (all within 300 km). Trade shows are also frequented. The Hannover Messe, the world's largest industrial trade show, is located only 120 km away.

     All students study in small groups to develop important social and team building skills. Additionally, welcoming and new school year parties, for instance, are organized, which are attended by students and professors. Close to Magdeburg one can find famous cities such as Berlin and Leipzig (120 km away), as well as famous small traditional older towns like Wernigerode and Quedlinburg (80 km away). The latter two are located in the Harz Mountains, which offer a lot of snow for any type of winter activities. All of these locations are accessible by train. Special low-price fairs are offered to students.

    General Information

    This is a four-semester program, including the master’s thesis. The total duration of coursework amounts to 950 hours of lectures, tutorials and laboratory work, corresponding to 120 credit points. The expected time to complete the master's thesis is four months. The thesis may be written in English. During the first two semesters the students must attend 15 to 20 hours per week of basic subjects pertaining to the areas of numerical mathematics, computer science, fluid mechanics, chemistry, thermodynamics, and measuring technology. Specific basic subjects are compulsory depending on the specialization. During the final two semesters the student may freely choose subjects of a volume of 15 to 25 hours per week from the faculty’s curriculum. Additionally, experimental work, lectures on law and economics, and visits to industrial enterprises are offered. Written material is provided in English.

    Language courses in English and German are offered to enable the student to acquire sufficient language proficiency.

    Every year, the first and third semesters take place in the summer from the beginning of April until the middle of July. The second and fourth semesters take place in the winter from the beginning of October until the end of March.

    The M.Sc. degree is awarded to a candidate who has passed the examinations and whose Master´s thesis has been accepted by the examining board. The successful nominee will then be entitled to start writing the thesis to obtain a doctor´s degree without further examinations.

    Dean of Faculty: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Evangelos Tsotsas
      Building 10, Room 238
      Phone: +49 - 391 - 67 - 58784
      Fax: -
    Subject Advisor:
    Dr. Werner Hintz
      Building 18, Room 307
      Phone: +49 - 391 - 67 - 52295
      Fax: - or
    Address: Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg / FVST

    Please only apply through uni-assist (except Chinese students within the context of a partnership program)! For questions about the application procedure, contact either the uni-assist office or:

    Admission Office:   Mrs. Ulrike Schmidt
      Building 06, Room 09
      Phone: +49 - 391 - 67 - 57011
      Fax: +49 - 391 - 67 - 41227
    Address: Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg / K31
      P.O. Box 4120 
      39016 Magdeburg 
    Parcel address:    Universitätsplatz 2 
      39106 Magdeburg 

    Statement of the student Yu Sun:

    The CPE master program (today CEE) provides me a great opportunity to learn very broad but focused knowledge in chemical engineering.The program is very well organized to help me to reach the local chemical engineering scientific entry level efficiently. Even better, besides the academic study at the university, I also have a wonderful chance to practice my knowledge in industry. In a word, this program enhances my capability a lot.

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