From clay to roof tiles at 1100 °C

11.02.2020 -  

From clay to roof tiles at 1100 °C

On 9th of January 2020, 40 students of Chemical and Energy Engineering were guests at the Dachziegelwerke Nelskamp GmbH in Groß Ammensleben just outside Magdeburg. Approximately 60 million roof tiles are produced in a wide variety of formats and colors at this plant every year. The delivery area extends from Leipzig to Scandinavia. The students got an interesting insight into the entire production chain that contains homogenization of clay, shaping, surface treatment, drying, firing and finally packaging of the finished products. As prospective process engineers, the students were particularly impressed by the high degree of automation in the plant. Manpower is needed mainly for quality control, maintenance and repair.



Ansprechpartner: M.Sc. Tino Redemann


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