Doctorate Studies

The doctoral program is designed to validate your capability for independent scientific research. The process is governed by both the Faculty for Process and Systems Engineering's specific doctoral guidelines and the Higher Education Act of the State of Saxony-Anhalt. These regulations outline the criteria for earning academic degrees such as 'Dr.-Ing.' (Doctor of Engineering) or 'Dr. rer. nat.' (Doctor of Natural Sciences).

On this page, you will find at-a-glance guidelines, tips, and contact persons to guide you through the successful application, undertaking, and completion of your doctoral program at the Faculty for Process and Systems Engineering.


Application Guidelines for Prospective Doctoral Candidates

link-icon-fvstDoctoral Program Admission Guidelines

pdf-icon-fvst Checklist for Admission as a Doctoral Candidate

Doctoral Supervision Agreementpdf-icon-fvst


Information on Initiating a Doctoral Qualifying Procedure

link-icon-fvstDoctoral Qualifying Procedure Guidelines

pdf-icon-fvstImplementation Guidelines for Article-Based (Cumulative) Dissertation at the FVST

pdf-icon-fvstApplication Letter to Dean of the Faculty

pdf-icon-fvstChecklist for Initiating the Doctoral Qualifying Procedure

pdf-icon-fvstEthical Conduct Declaration (Appendix 4 of the Doctoral Degree Regulations)

pdf-icon-fvstDisclosure of Criminal Offenses (Appendix 5 of the Doctoral Degree Regulations)

link-icon-fvstDoctoral Degree Regulations (German Legally-Binding Version)

pdf-icon-fvstDoctoral Degree Regulations (English Non-Legally-Binding Version)

link-icon-fvstEnrollment Regulations

pdf-icon-fvstCover-Page Design Template for Dissertation Submission


Dissertation Submission - Guidelines for Publication

pdf-icon-fvstGuidelines and Obligations for Dissertatin Submission

pdf-icon-fvstMandatory Copies - Submission Regulations

pdf-icon-fvstMandatory Copies - Letter of Consent for Publication

pdf-icon-fvstCover-Page Design Template for Publication of Dissertation

link-icon-fvstElectronic Publication of Dissertation to the Library of OvGU


Infromation for International Doctorate Students

Holders of academic degrees from foreign institutions are required to undergo an equivalence assessment. This assessment is conducted by the Office of Doctoral Studies and will be carried out after the submission of application for admission as a doctoral candidate alongside with notarized copies of diploma academic transcripts and certificates or after the submission of enrollment application.


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